Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Realistic Attempt to Live Life Sustainably

Maybe it's my Southern roots, but I've always had this nagging urge to be able to "live closely to the land." You know, grow my own veggies, raise goats, bake my own bread...

I was an Environmental Science/Meteorology student for three years of college (a final physics course killed that dream) but I've never been a tree-hugger type. I'd say I live a little more green than most, but I buy pizza dough at Trader Joe's and I don't mind a little pesticide here and there. But there really is something so appealing to me about learning these "lost arts" and really knowing where things are coming from.

Call it my early mid-life crisis, but I'm starting a journey of taking steps to be closer and closer to the life I eventually want to lead. I don't have any land, and I'm certainly missing some equipment and time, but hey- cavemen had to deal with those problems, too.

I'm thinking I might have been the type of person who tried the very first oyster.